About us

About Ymere

Ymere is an innovative housing association that develops and manages homes and other properties in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We manage around 77,800 homes and 11,000 other properties (e.g. social and commercial real estate). This makes Ymere one of the largest housing associations in the Netherlands.

Affordable housing

We reinvest the money we make in affordable housing for lower income groups and community projects. Our mission comprises more than providing a high-quality and comfortable home. We believe in communities that work, creating opportunities for our customers.
Ymere also invests in quality, sustainability and a clean and safe living environment. We work closely with government bodies and local businesses. We encourage the talent of young people in the areas where we are active: we deliberate with local schools and businesses to create jobs or internships.

Importance of good housing

Ymere has been aware of the vital importance of good housing for individual development and growth for over 150 years. Every day, about 900 Ymere employees are inspired by this tradition. They feel strongly connected with our customers, neighborhouds and projects.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, comprises the cities of Alkmaar, Almere, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol Airport Area), Leiden and Weesp. We offer our customers a high-quality service, for which Ymere is recognised with the KWH quality label. We also contribute to the quality of the housing market by building new homes and improving existing property.

At Ymere we develop high-quality homes that are designed to last. Ideas have always been our strength. We've won awards for creative, sustainable and high-quality designs.



Contact Ymere

Phone +31 88 000 89 00

E-mail klantenservice@ymere.nl